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Top Features that your iPhone Application Must Have

Though Android and iOS are equally in demand for mobile app development, still iOS has its craze among users. We all are aware of the growing dominance of Apple in the mobile world.

On the other hand, the iPhone is the most preferred device among the number of smartphone users due to having several cutting-edge features, advanced functionality, eye-catching appearance, and lots more.

Almost every Apple device enjoys having an equal craze among people and witness their demands and thus sales, apart from iPhone.

Well, the growing popularity of iPhone among smartphone users made iOS as the right platform for mobile app development. And this is the reason why businesses opt frequently for iPhone application development services.

You must be aware of key important factors like features, user interface, functionalities, etc. which are the top-notch factors that ensure the success of your mobile application. Among all these factors, features are highly important and thus ensure the success of your mobile application.

So, if you are looking to develop an iPhone application for your business, you need to have enough idea about some of its top-notch features to ensure the success of your website.

Some Popular Features for iPhone Application

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an emerging technology that is blessed with huge potential to make your mobile application advanced. Apple has a good understanding of the growing potential of ML and focuses on the best way to implement the technology in their devices to harness its great benefits. The new version of iOS 13 leverages the Machine Learning technology to help users find dogs, cats, reminders, or for lots of other purposes.

This is the reason why an iPhone application development company focuses on leveraging Machine Learning to integrate some useful features based on this technology.


If we talk about an iPhone app, it’s certainly impossible to forget about Siri that has emerged as the most important feature of Apple devices. Developers leverage Siri’s voice control feature to build banking applications.

Users using such features can send money easily and hassle-free by just asking Siri to do that. Apart from money transfer, the feature also lets users analyze and view details of their balances, existing bills, etc.

Apple Pay

Mobile app users, especially iPhone users prefer to use mobile payment for all transactions. As mobile payment helps them in making transaction fast and highly secured.

An iPhone development agency leverages Apple Pay while creating your mobile app to make it apt for your users. With the use of this feature, users can transfer their money directly to their friends, families, etc. Apple Pay also lets users transfer money directly from credit or debit card.

Push Notification

Be it increasing user engagement, targeting the right users, improving brand consistency, retaining past user engagement, or increasing conversion rates, push notification is known for having multiple features.

So, if you are developing an iPhone app, you can’t afford to miss features like this one in your mobile application.

Business Chatting

Chatting is an important feature for any mobile application. The chat feature of your iPhone helps you directly interact with your users or clients and thus helps them in buying their desired products and services that they wish to opt from your organization.

The latest iOS 13 made chatting more interesting and meaningful by introducing Memoji stickers, sharing name and image, Memoji customization, Animoji hardware support, etc.

According to Apple, business chatting is quite helpful in making a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your clients and thus helps your business in increasing the customer base.


When it comes to ARKit, it is the most important tool that lets applications have a native augmented reality framework. It enables applications to use computer version for object recognition and virtual recognition, which can be placed on the display.

Drag and Drop

The major advantage of drag and drop feature is to help users with multitasking. It enables users to move content inside applications or also between applications, while using their other hand for manipulating applications, especially while dragging.

Phased Releases

When it comes to phased released, it is considered to be quite beneficial for application developers in a myriad of ways. Besides, it’s also quite beneficial from testing point of view, in case you are seeking to analyze how users interact with certain new features before the final release of the application.

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