Tom Clancy's The Division 2 game review

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Review


Ubisoft is a renowned name in gaming and dominates the gaining market.

They had recently launched their new shooter game, The Division 2. The division game was launched in 2016 and this game is its sequel. The division had shown the post-pandemic New York City, which was snowy.

Division 2 is set in warm climatic conditions of Washington DC. This game will be available for PC, Xbox, and PS4. The scenes of the game are months after the first game events.

Will this game stand out from its competition? Let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of the game to see how good it really is.

The Division 2 Gameplay

In Division 2, you will an agent from a division caller titular division. Your basic task is to bring America to normal condition as there had occurred an outbreak of green poison, a virus.

Apart from the green poison outbreak, which technically is the center of the game, there are many factions that have been trying to take control of the city.

One such group is called the hyenas and their main weapon is a drug called spice. They use fear and that drug to keep a check on the population.

Another group you will encounter is the true sons, which are religious zealots.

They are well equipped and dangerous. Another group is a black tusk and their area of expertise in tech.

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The factions told not only will have different looks but their behavior is different as well.

They will come rushing towards you, all prepared and in heavy numbers, and there will be snipers set to shoot you at any chance they get, RC cars sent by your foes that explode and armor pieces flying as shots are fired.

You will have to come up with different innovative strategies every time you deal with any of the situations.

As you play the game, you can see that its pace is very soothing.

Whether you continue with the storyline and target enemies or even if you choose to enjoy the scenes of Washington DC, the game will keep progressing in some way and you won’t ever feel like you wasted your time anywhere.

You will be required to set up your perimeter, hide behind various covers and strategically continue with the gameplay.

The mechanics of the game are smooth and you won’t be bored at all.

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There are a variety of guns to entertain you. The shotguns in the game are punchy. They have powerful assault rifles. The sound effects are very good and the pop sound of a sniper shot seems very clear and satisfying.

The gameplay is very smooth and controls are easy and interesting. Other gadgets that can be accessed are drones, turrets, and mines. You are allowed to equip yourself with any two skills.

There is flexibility regarding the skills and ways they can be used.

You can unlock gadgets or skills or can go uncover the silvers of lore, you will end up being occupied in one thing or the other.

The loot drops of Division 2 are more generous when you compare it to other games. You will easily be able to find new guns, armor, stats to upgrade weapons and health, etc.

There was one dark zone in the division and there are three dark zones in Division 2. These areas have the best gear and the most challenging combatants.

You will be entering the dark zone areas with your teammates and anyone can go rogue and end up stealing the loot. Thus, every time you enter a dark zone, it’s an intense and risky dive.

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The game may take time to load on PS4. Division 2 has a 40 GB Xbox and windows update even if you had got the disc. For console by Sony, the update is of 90 GB.

Also, it’s an online game and through the Internet connections now are high speed and uninterrupted most of the times, this can be an issue.

Apart from these considerations, the follow-up game, Division 2 is a really interesting game that you can play alone or with your friends. You will need a good Internet connection for the game.

The market price of the game is INR 3,499.

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