Download Recuva Professional Crack and recover your lost files

Piriform Recuva Professional Download here!

Download Recuva professional, Recuva is a freemium software to recover lost data on your HDD and removable media.

Recuva Installer

if you want to recover your deleted files quick and easy way so Recuva tool is best for you. sometimes you lost your important files in accidentally don’t worry Recuva provide various recovery features like recycle bin, digital camera card, or mp3 player platform recover facility so you can recover your data easily.

Recuva Professional + main features

Superior file recovery – Recuva can recover images, music, documents, videos, email or any kind of files which you have lost. and you also recover rewriteable media like memory cards, external hard disk. USB drive and much more.

Deeply scan & recover buried files – some files are hard to find in the disc but Recuva has an advance deep scan feature scan closely and traces that files who are accidentally deleted.

Did you know Recuva and CCleaner have been created by the same company to know about more Recuva software click here to check?

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How to recover deleted files from recycle bin after empty [step by step Guide]

If you don’t know how to recover data. don’t worry I will tell you how you can recover your data with complete step by step using proper images. so check it, the process will be always the same.

First, download Recuva recovery software.

step 1 – Install the software.

step 2 – when you open this software it will show you the setup wizard, so click the next.

Recuva welcome wizard

step 3 – It will ask you what you want to recover by default “all files” are selected. if you want to recover all files so leave as it is or chooses any specific option which you want to recover.

Choose file type which you want to recover

step 4 – Then choose file location where you want to recover your files. for showing purpose I chose from the recycle bin.

But this is the main part so choose correctly if you are not sure where your files were located. so select “I’m not sure” option.

it’s a time taking process because it will scan your whole computer, so chill out and do other work till then Recuva will not recover your files. or choose your device or disk location where your files were located before lost.

select the file location

step 5 – Here you have two option to basic scan and deep scan. always enable deep scan. it will take more time as compared to basic scan. because in my opinion normal scan just a time-pass “fooling you”. always enable deep scan.

choose enable deep scan mode scan to the system deeply

scan your system file location deeply

step 6 – Now here we go, here are all deleted files including blah-blah .dll files. so click to “switch to advanced mode

Here is the list of lost files

step 7 – so you have to option to recover all files or choose the specific file which you want to recover. Go manually because most of the files are .dll and other types maybe you never heard that files name so leave it, click manually

after selecting important files click to recover button and choose the location where you want to save your lost files. temporary create any folder and recover it.

to recover your lost files. choose manually

So that’s all about how to recover files using Recuva software. hope you understand.

Is not possible to recover everything because if you overwrite that files it’s hard to recover your files.

what happened! when you delete any files from your system there becomes an image of that files. and that’s why you recover your files easily. if your image files are overwritten so it’s hard to say you recover your files easily maybe you lost that file forever.

Hope you know many things, if you have any question comment below and share this with your friends who want to recover deleted files.

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