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Halo Zero Game downlod

Halo Zero is a fan-made 2d view game. Publisher of this game is Dobermann. this is free for everyone.

Release date: December 12, 2005

This is Game isn’t publicly declared by Microsoft or Bungie publisher.

Graphics of this game is from the 1990s. This game was played through the keyboard and mouse. you can easily configure the key in your according.

Really on that time, this game was epic.

Since that was the trend of 2d games at that time. but now we can play a new Halo game series in high quality. a new halo infinite game is coming this year.

There are lots of fans of the Halo game series. even I also.

The game looks just like a Halo game should, with a crisp. I feel like this I am playing contra game.

The sound quality of this game is not so bad “average”.

well, this game is not so heavy it’s under on 20mb.

This is maxed requirements of halo evolved game So you can guess from halo zero system requirement I know is too high for halo zero game.

Do you know all halo games series timeline?

Halo zero game requirements

Cpu speed: 733mhz
Cpu: Pentium II
Ram: 128MB
Video card: 32MB
Direct X: 8.1
Free space: 1.2GB
Os: Windows 98se/Me/2000/xp

Here is the screenshot of Halo zero game

halo zero screenshot

halo zero games screenshot



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