how to create coming soon page wordpress plugin

create coming soon page using wordpress plugin

Are you shutting down your website temporarily for maintenance? Then you must know the method to create WordPress coming soon page.

Even people migrating HTML to WordPress theme or building a new interface must be aware of the process. A coming soon page helps in informing viewers about an inaccessible website in an organized and beautiful manner.

New owners can build anticipation around their product with the page.

They can engage their visitors by offering incentives even before the formal launch of operations. These pages also prove to be handy in crisis situations like hacking.

They allow you to block any other attempts while informing regular users about the inconvenience. Let’s see how you can build a coming soon page in WordPress.

How to create coming soon page WordPress plugin with step by step

1. Install A Suitable Plugin

The most distinctive characteristic of WordPress is how it has enabled people with limited technical knowledge to create and manage websites.

Themes and plugins are two elements which make it infinitely easy to build a fully functional interface. The vast developer community ensures that you can find a plugin for almost every possible functionality.

In this tutorial, we will also use a plugin to generate the coming soon page.

We have chosen the SeedProd plugin for our purpose. It comes in a free version but in this guide, we are using its premium version.

Go to the admin dashboard of your website and access “Plugins > Add new”. Search for the solution and download its files. Activate it and move to the next step.

2. Enable The Coming Soon Mode

Once the solution is activated, go back to the interface’s control panel.

You will find a new item “Coming Soon Pro” in the “Settings” section. Click on it to open the set-up screen.

Select the “Coming Soon & Maintenance Page” tab. In the “Status” section, check the radio button against the “Enable Coming Soon Mode” option.

Hit the “Save All Changes” tab located at the bottom.

how to Enable The Coming Soon Mode using seedprod plugin

Now all subscribers who are not logged in along with search engines will be directed to the coming soon page. People who are logged in to the website will be able to visit the normal page.

3. Create The Page

It is now time to create WordPress coming soon page. Refer to the image shown in the previous step and see the “Edit Coming Soon Page” tab. Hit it to go to start building the page.

You will be sent to the plugin’s theme customizer.

Here you will come across a large collection of attractive pre-built templates. Each of these layouts can be customized according to your requirements and preferences.

Choose one which you find suitable. As soon as the selection is made, the template will open in the customizer.

now create WordPress coming soon page

There will be a list of various options in a panel on the left-hand side.

On the right will be the live customizer where you can see the modifications in real time. You can select any option to expand its settings.

There is also the option to check how the page will look on desktops and mobile devices.

Add your custom logo and modify the shades according to your interface’s color scheme. You can also set the countdown timer and integrate an e-mail subscription form along with social sharing buttons.

Click the “Save” button at the top to generate your page.

4. Integrate The page With Your Email Marketing Solution

You will now integrate the freshly-built page with your e-mail marketing solution. In the control panel, there is an option for e-mail form settings.

Click it to expand its settings. In the dropdown menu under the “Save Subscribers To” option, you will find a list of e-mail marketing services.

you can also Integrate The page with your email marketing solution

Find your solution and select it. Now click the configure button which will direct you to another screen. In this guide, we have chosen MailChimp as our marketing solution.

On this screen, we will need to enter an API key. This code can be accessed by visiting the MailChimp account. Provide the key, select the mailing list, and configure additional settings before hitting the save and continue editing button.

activate seedprod plugin via api key

You will now be redirected to the customizer where you must save the changes. The coming soon page will now display for logged out users and enabled for collecting e-mail IDs. if you need affordable cloud hosting, you can buy digitalocean, apply digitalocean promo code and host your website free for 1 month.


You will now be able to create WordPress coming soon page which is geared up for collecting e-mail addresses as well. This will be helpful in informing and engaging visitors at the same time.

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