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Brawl Stars Mod apk Free – Version v21.73

Brawl Stars is an action game which you can play solo or with your friends.

like clash royal used to join a clan, in the same way, you have to join the club, from which you can play together with your friends.

there are brawlers which you can unlock by winning the game. you have to upgrade your brawler health or attack.

I have given a list of brawlers according to their category, which you can see below brawl stars characters table.

how you can play brawl on pc
Brawl stars Gameplay

Brawl Stars Mod Apk Modes

  • Gem Grab
  • Brawl Ball
  • Bounty
  • Heist
  • Showdown / Duo Showdown
  • Robo Rumble
  • Boss Fight

let discuss all these modes.

  1. Gem Grab (3v3) – team up and beat the opposing team and collect 10 gems to win.
  2. Brawl Ball (3v3) – you need three players in it. Attacker, ball carry, long-range. The team that will be the first to do the 2 goals that team will win.
  3. Bounty (3v3) – you have to kill opponents brawler and earn stars.
  4. Heist (3v3) – you have to protect your safe and break/blast your enemies safe.
  5. Showdown/Duo Showdown – Play Solo/Duo kills the other brawler with your team and solo and stay alive till the last.
  6. Robo Rumble – there are 4 kinds of robots in rumble mode. (A) Melee robot (B) Ranged robot (C) Mini-robot (D) Boss robot.
  7. every robot has different health power, attack, movement speed. So you have to kill the robot and protect your safe. Stay alive for a long time, so that you get more reward.
  8. Boss Fight – you have to kill Mega robot as fast as possible. If you do not kill it fast, the power of attacking will increase according to time. Meantime small robots also come which will decrease your health.

So these are the current game’s modes of brawl stars game. you can unlock & upgrade your brawlers, level-up and collect unique skins.

So this was about the brawl stars, Now let’s see how many characters you get, and what is their category.

Take a look of all brawl stars characters list

All brawl stars characters
Brawler NameTypeRarity
ColtSharpshooterStarting Brawler
CrowToxic AssassinLegendary
JessieFighterStarting Brawler
RicochetSharpshooterSuper Rare
DynamikeThrowerStarting Brawler
NitaFighterStarting Brawler
BullHeavyweightStarting Brawler
MortisDashing AssassinMythic
BrockSharpshooterStarting Brawler
BoFighterStarting Brawler
El PrimoHeavyweightRare
DarrylHeavyweightSuper Rare
PennySharpshooterSuper Rare
ShellyFighterStarting Brawler
CarlSharpshooterSuper Rare
LeonStealthy AssassinLegendary

If you are new in brawl stars or an existing player. are you confuse which brawler tier is good with another one, so click here to see brawl stars tier list. So you will know what to use.

If you are Reddit user then you can check this brawl stars community go and check out brawl stars Reddit and stay up to date and ask other members what brawl stars tier list they use. Brawl Stars has become a popular game for Android

brawl stars apk

4.5 Ratings(Supercell)

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Info About Brawl stars mod apk

GameBrawl Stars
Supported PlatformAbove Android 4.1
File Size130 MB
Apk versionv_21.73 Mod Apk
Mod Features Unlimited Coin/Crystals/Event Tickets

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