Best keyboards for android 2020

Best Keyboards for Android that you can install in 2020

You may not be writing as fast as you should with your mobile, and the keyboard you use is to blame. Each person has their own technique when writing, in the same way, that each keyboard app adapts differently to the needs of each one.

Luckily, on Android we can find dozens of different keyboard apps, each with its advantages and disadvantages compared to the rest. To help you find the one that best suits you, we have decided to select the best keyboards that you can install on your mobile or tablet. No doubt, it has become a little hard to choose the best one from a variety of options available in the market. How you can make it easy? It also has become pretty simple. You just need to visit websites like the buyers trend that will allow you to know about top product reviews and buyer’s guides online. Let’s check below the 7 best free android keyboard app for typing 2020.

Best Free Keyboards for Android texting 2020


Gboard android keyboard

With more than 1 billion installations through the Play Store, Gboard, the Google keyboard, is the most popular app in its category. Over the years, the application has been adding more and more interesting functions, and today it has little to envy its main rivals.

Among its features, we find the possibility of writing through gestures or freehand, prediction of words or phrases based on AI, or support for several languages ​​simultaneously. Of course, there is no shortage of the search for emojis and stickers, or many other secrets.


Swiftkey android keyboard

If there is a keyboard app that can stand up to Gboard in terms of popularity, that is certainly SwiftKey. The application now belonging to Microsoft has one of the most powerful and advanced predictive engines, and millions of people use it instead of other apps thanks to its intelligent and automatic self-correction system.

Like Gboard, SwiftKey becomes more precise as it is used since it learns from the user’s writing habits. In addition, it is customizable thanks to the various themes that can be applied.

BlackBerry Keyboard

Blackberry android keyboard

In order to offer an experience at the same level as the physical keyboards of its mobiles, BlackBerry had to develop a keyboard app that was good enough to equip its Android Smartphones. Infect it is from one of the great apps for android 2020.  Thus was born BlackBerry Keyboard, an app based on the AOSP keyboard, with interesting additions that promise to improve our productivity.

It’s most interesting function is the possibility of accessing a panel of configurable quick phrases, as well as a numeric keypad sliding to the right or left. It also includes auto corrector, predictive engine or integrated clipboard, among other tools.


Minuum android keyboard

According to its creators, Minuum is a small keyboard for people with large fingers. The application stands out for its predictive engine, apparently much more advanced than any other keyboard.

Its appearance resembles that of Gboard, although this app has even more customization options with which to modify the aesthetics of the keyboard. In addition, it has automatic suggestions of emojis, clipboard, and support for 13 different languages.


Fleksy android keyboard

The only keyboard with a Guinness Record obtained for its speed is Fleksy, and that is undoubtedly one of the reasons for betting on this application.

After its change of owners in mid-2017, Fleksy’s support was resumed to continue improving this great application through updates, which added even more additional functions to those already existing, including private keyboard, gesture writing, and multi-language support and customization options.


Anysoft android keyboard

One of the few open-source keyboards that exist on Google Playboard and beyond that, it can be an interesting alternative for those who have not adapted to the Gboard or SwiftKey format.

It has advanced customization options, such as adaptive themes that change depending on the time of day, gesture writing, multi-language and multi-touch support, and much more.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma android keyboard

If you are looking for an extremely customizable keyboard app, Chrooma Keyboard should be your main option to value. Not only does it allow you to modify the appearance of any keyboard component, but it also has the ability to change color depending on the app being used.

Beyond its customization capabilities, the app does not forget about prediction and self-correction. It includes an AI-based engine that offers contextual prediction, grammar check or gesture writing with automatic correction.

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